O.M.A.R. Technology started with the first expandable shelter for hospital use in 1984. All its products are tested in Military Technical Centre. After more than 30 year in the Field Hospital Sector, O.M.A.R. thanks to its own experience can supply either a single container or a complete hospital with more than 200 patients beds.
O.M.A.R. field hospitals successfully participated to all UN / OTAN peace keeping operations: SOMALIA – MOZAMBIQUE – BOSNIA – ALBANIA – KOSOVO – AFGHANISTAN – IRAQ – CHAD.
The solution that we propose is based on the experience acquired during the previously mentioned OTAN/UN missions and liaison with Italian and other country soldiers who took part in these missions, performing more than 5,000 different type of operations.
The arrangement of the Shelters we are promoting, is for demonstration purposes, and may vary depending on your needs, and on the size of the area available and its configuration.


  • FIELD HOSPITAL This solution is made by medical containers and Tents (inflatable or with metal frame). Easy and quick to install and it doesn’t need any ground preparation. It is normally used in the first emergency and in a short military operations.
  • MOBILE MODULAR HOSPITAL This solution is made by medical containers and modular structures, it is more comfortable than tents solution but it needs a ground preparation. It is normally used for long term operations or as civil hospital.
    OMAR last delivery was the complete hospital for G8 INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT in AQUILA were we received the congratulation from the former Italian Premier Berlusconi and the Cheef of Civil Protection Bertolaso.