We manufacture 3 different kind of medical containers:

Health Services

MEDICAL SHELTERS: this represents our main activity, where we manufacture varying and standard volume Shelters to be fitted out for hospital purposes and to be used for setting up field hospitals.


Upon a specific request of the Italian Armed Forces, in 1984 O.M.A.R. Technology designed, manufactured and patented an N.C.E. (air transportable hospital) fitted to an operating theatre and intensive care unit to be deployed by the Civil Protection System in the event of natural disasters and according to the needs of the Italian Armed Forces.

In order to meet such requirements, shelters hydraulically expanding in height and length were developed.

For the first time, this innovative system was able to solve operating problems and provide transport by helicopter and aircraft.

A fully fitted, self-sufficient, quick deployable and safe-operating N.C.E. complies with all technical standards in force in terms of installation, materials, equipment and outfit.

N.C.E.s can be transported on flatbed trailers, towed on prepared grounds, however the main issue is that they can be transported on CH 47 helicopters and similar aircraft as well as on G 222, C130 and alike.

In this way N.C.E.s can be quickly transported in particularly adverse areas to be reached only by IFR equipped aircrafts.

Shelter, fully expanded and  Shelter non-expanded

Each N.C.E.consists of:
  • 1 expandable shelter fitted to operating theatre
  • 1 expandable shelter fitted to intensive care unit
  • 1 wheel-mounted main service uni
  • 1 wheel-mounted auxiliary service unit
New generation medical container

After this first experience OMAR manufacture a new generation of expandable shelters from 22 to 31 sqm.
These shelters provide wide indoor areas when in use, and at the same time they comply with dimensions in accordance with traffic regulation when transported. In addition, thanks to their inner configuration they can be fitted with standard furniture and equipment.

Expandable shelters can be transported with flatbed trucks, transport containers, APS, trains and C 130 aircrafts and to the CH 47 hoist system.

These units are unique in that:
  • during transport they have the dimensions of ISO 1C containers (20”) while during operations, with the walls extended, they have a surface area of approx. 31 or 22 m2.
  • the internal height is never less than 2 mt.
  • the surface or the floor is at the same level
  • the walls, when extended, do not require any bottom support.
  • the containers can be installed on any morphology of terrain.
  • All the equipment’s are fixed inside the container and they remain in the same position whether in operation or during transport. In this way the container will be operative in a very short time ( about 3 minutes)
  • vehicle loading and unloading operations are performed by a single operator using a push button panel without using external means such as cranes, bridge cranes, lift trucks or mechanical lifting equipment.